Sargas 4 is a planet heavily resembling Earth in the 21st century. It was encountered by the Orville during their travels.



Similar to Earth, Sargas 4 appears to have large bodies of water around it's surface as well as land with diverse vegetation. The native species appear to have settled all across the planet with each one developing it's own distinct culture.

Prime example being the Kelvic people. Who dress in a specific fashion that is only considered appropriate for those from the region to participate in, it is unknown if any other cultures on Sargas 4 hold similar ideals.


The people of Sargas 4 practice absolute democracy, using a popular vote system to determine everything from who is a criminal to whether or not something can be considered a fact.

Every adult on the planet wears a badge with two buttons: a red down arrow for "downvotes" and green up arrow for "upvotes". The buttons also display the current number of upvotes and downvotes the person has. The votes act as social currency on the planet. A higher number of upvotes means that the person is well received and treated, while a high number of downvotes causes everyone to treat the person as a pariah. If the number of downvotes exceeds 500,000, then most businesses will refuse to serve them. Should that ever be higher than a million, then that person is automatically charged with a crime against the state and arrested. Votes can be given for any reason or no reason at all. They can be given either directly (by touching an arrow on the badge) or via a mobile device or TV screen, provided the person's badge number is known.

People accused of a crime and who are downvoted heavily enough must go on an Apology Tour, which involves the accused appearing on a number of talk shows, where they must convince the audience that they have recognized their mistake and truly wish to repent. Votes are tallied after each talk show. Should the number of downvotes reach 10 million, the accused is subjected to "correction", which has an effect similar to a lobotomy.



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