"With all the different planets in the galaxy, you're bound to have a few cases of parallel species development."
"Sargus 4 is an acute example of this phenomenon.
" Ed Mercer and Isaac[source]
Sargus 4 (also Sargas 4) is an inhabited planet with a culture resembling Earth in the 21st century.

For several months in 2419, the Planetary Union quietly observed Sargus 4 through undercover anthropologists.


Geography Edit

Similar to Earth, Sargus 4 appears to have large bodies of water around it's surface as well as land with diverse vegetation.

Culture Edit

Sarguns are distinguished by varying ethnic groups, including the Kelvic people and possibly three other minority groups.[n 1] Ethnic minorities preserve traditional attire, which they believe may be worn only by those within their group.


Seen here, Publicity Officer Willks in a typical Sargan suit. The suit exactly matches those found on Earth in the 20th century save for the front creases on his collar and the two sets of lapels.

Formal Sargun clothing mirrors 21st century earth, except that lapels have two layers and collars have creases. Perhaps the most distinct piece of clothing is Lysella's undershirt, where one shoulder strap "slings" across the chest in a style more closely resembling 25th century Planetary Union wear.

Voting and Pure Democracy Edit

The people of Sargus 4 practice a form of absolute democracy, using a vote system to determine everything from criminal convictions to matters of public policy.

Beginning at age 18, every adult on the planet wears a Vote Badge with two buttons: a red down-arrow for "downvotes" and a green up-arrow for "upvotes." Any member may voice their approval or disapproval through upvotes or downvotes respectively; the total number of which is displayed at the base of the badge.

Votes act as a social currency on the planet. A higher number of upvotes means ensures the wearer is treated favorably, while a high number of downvotes makes the wearer a social pariah. For example, one unnamed coffee shop refuses to sell to people with 500,000 downvotes or more. A person in excess of one million downvotes are deemed to be criminals, and he or she is arrested and sent on an Apology Tour to determine whether a punishment is merited. When the crew of the Orville learn about this system, they observe that it marks a shortcoming in that opinion is being confused with knowledge, as voices are provided without thought for whether they are deserved.


Notes Edit

  1. The crew prompts the Computer for traditional headwear and four styles appear.