Scott Grimes is an American actor who plays the Human crew member Gordon Malloy on The Orville. He was signed to the show not having reading the script after speaking over the phone with creator Seth MacFarlane, who merely described the show to Scott.[1]


Scott Grimes was the voice of Steve Smith on Seth MacFarlane's animated comedy "American Dad"." He has also played roles in television projects such as Family Guy, ER and Dexter.

The OrvilleEdit

MacFarlane wrote the character of Gordon with Scott in mind.[1] Grimes later said of his character: "I’m the kind of best friend frat boy who’ll get you into trouble and also get you OUT of trouble. I might have a cocktail at the wrong time or make the wrong decision, but it’s always from the heart. And I can drive the ship like nobody’s business so that’s why I’m there."[2]

Unusual though it may seem, Scott has actually advocated against giving his character a dedicated episode:

Seth actually asked me early on in the show, ‘Do you wanna delve into Gordon and who he is and where he’s from?’ And I said, ‘Don’t worry about me.’ Eventually, if the audience likes this character we can figure something out. But it’s not necessary for me to have a whole episode where you find out who my father is or why I don’t have one. I find that to be self-important. Everyone else can have that, I’m not bagging on them, but that’s not needed for Gordon at all. That’s my job on this show and I’m really happy people respond to it.[2]


  • One of his favorite scenes in season one is when Ed confusedly admits his romantic interest in Darulio to Gordon in Ed's quarters.[1]
  • Scott has said that, for better or worse, he drinks roughly as much as his character, Gordon.[1]
  • He hated wearing a Krill costume in the episode Krill.[3]
  • He has also said of his character that Gordon may be a jerk but is also a fun guy "that can open a bottle of beer with his asshole."[1]

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