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"This is the year of surprise for The Orville." Scott Grimes, on Season 2[[source]]
Season 2 is the upcoming season of The Orville on Fox. It is expected to continue the adventures of the USS Orville as it explores space, discovers new worlds, and battles the Krill. The Orville was renewed for a second season in November of 2017. It is slated to premiere on December 30, 2018, shifting to a midseason (as opposed to fall season) schedule.

According to executive producers David A. Goodman and Brannon Braga and director Jon Cassar, the upcoming season will have 15 episodes.[1] The first season had 13 episodes but the twelfth episode was moved to the second season, meaning that the second season will have at least 14 new episodes in addition to one already-produced episode.

Renewal Edit

By the middle of Season 1, expectations were high, but not certain, that the show would be renewed. The Orville had posted respectable ratings for the Thursday 9 p.m. broadcasting slot, Fox's highest since 2015. And California approved the show for $14.5 million in tax breaks for a second season.[2] On the other hand, The Orville ran high production costs. Each episode cost roughly $7 million to produce, more expensive than most of its competition, and the network had declined to order 13 more episodes for the Spring of 2018.[3]

On November 2, 2017, Fox announced that it had renewed the show for a second season, four days after Majority Rule aired, the second most-watched episode of the show overall.[4] Renewal came early in the year for The Orville, beating all Fox shows but The Simpsons. Some journalists were surprised that Fox chose to renew the series instead of ordering more episodes for the first season, but creator Seth MacFarlane had long said that he did not want a second half of the first season in order to keep the show's production values high.

Twelve days later, on November 14, Fox moved the originally-filmed twelfth episode of Season 1 to Season 2.[5] The company did not give a reason for its decision.

Trailers Edit

Fox released a three-minute Season 2 trailer on July 21, 2018 at that year's San Diego Comic-Con.
Comic-Con 2018 Official Trailer THE ORVILLE Season 2 THE ORVILLE

Comic-Con 2018 Official Trailer THE ORVILLE Season 2 THE ORVILLE

The first trailer released at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con.

The trailer's serious tone was a remarkable departure from the 2017 May trailer, which portrayed the show as comedy-driven. Creator Seth MacFarlane was delighted: "I think the trailer that Fox has put together this year is awesome. They've knocked it out of the park. They've really captured the balance [of comedy and drama] perfectly. I think it's much more representational of what the show is than last year's."[6]

On October 27, a second trailer aired during commercials for the 2018 baseball World Series, a mix of new material and old footage revealed in the first trailer.

On October 29, Fox released a third trailer.

2018-19 schedule Edit

Season 2 is slated to premiere on December 30, 2018, a Sunday, on a midseason schedule.[7] After the premiere episode, the show will switch to the old Thursday night time slot.[7] Fox did not specify why it unexpectedly bumped the show to a midseason schedule, as opposed to the Fall or Spring. However, Fox did mention that the show will begin exactly after the conclusion of Thursday Night Football - a newly purchased property that will occupy The Orville's old Thursday night time slot during the fall.

Michael Cecchini, a journalist for Den of Geek who attended the Fox Upfronts, mollified fans not to be "fooled" by Fox holding The Orville until midseason.[8] He reported that the network leadership said the show is a "huge priority."[8] Within the studio, the extension came as a "huge relief" to the crew, according to visual effects producer Brooke Noska, as the team had much more time to complete post-production.[9]

Production Edit

Jon Cassar Season 2 filming

Filming of Season 2 began on February 26. Director and producer Jon Cassar published this photo of Captain Ed Mercer's office to his Instagram, the first image revealed of the set in the second season.

Early development Edit

During writing production for Season 1 in 2016 through 2017, MacFarlane and the writing team wrote 16 scripts, 13 of those were used for the first season and three set aside for later episodes if the show was renewed. The show was indeed renewed, although one first season episode Primal Urges was moved to Season 2.

The exact number of purchased episodes is 15. Fox originally purchased 13 new Season 2 episodes (plus Primal Urges for a total of 14), but added one extra episode at a later, unspecified date in the Summer of 2018.[1] According to MacFarlane, the number of episodes is important to maintain the high quality of the show: "I'd rather do fewer episodes and have them be better content-wise than do 22 and have them be filler."[10]

By December 2017, actor Scott Grimes hinted that production would begin in February.[11] The cast and crew had their first joint meeting for the upcoming season on January 28.

Changes to the cast and crew Edit

On January 9, 2018, Jon Cassar, who directed the episode Krill, announced on Instagram that he has a "new job" as director and producer for the upcoming season.[12]

On February 12, a new series regular was announced for the show. Though the character's identity was not disclosed, it would be played by Jessica Szohr, best known for her role on Gossip Girl.[13] By piecing together a series of unintentionally leaked information, fans discovered that Szohr's character's name is believed to be "Talla Keyali" or "Talla Kexali."[14]

On February 21, an unidentified character was confirmed who would recur throughout the season, to be played by Chris Johnson.[15] Several days later, Lee revealed that Johnson's character's name will be "Cassius."[16] A month later, Adrianne Palicki (Kelly Grayson) noted that the arrival of the new characters will form a "rift" between Ed and Kelly, and they will "deal with it separately."[17]

On February 26, it was revealed that Joe Menosky, a writer for Star Trek: Discovery, had left the show and joined The Orville as writer and co-executive producer.[18] Menosky is perhaps best known for writing the episode "Darmok" for the show Star Trek: The Next Generation.

A third character will be added in the episode Home and recur through the season. The character has been pictured alongside J. Lee as a two-horned reptilian humanoid.[19] According to Tom Costantino, the unknown actor behind the character will be immediately identifiable by his voice and mannerisms.[20]

Throughout the season, famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson served as an informal science adviser to the show.[21]

Changes to sets Edit

Preview- New Missions, Epic Adventures - Season 2 - THE ORVILLE

Preview- New Missions, Epic Adventures - Season 2 - THE ORVILLE

A second trailer was released on October 27, 2018 during the World Series games.

Production designer Stephen J. Lineweaver and art director Robert Strohmaier revealed that the crew built an armory for the ship, more ship hallways, and a classroom, all of which will be seen in this season.[22] (Note that in the first few drafts of the pilot, Bortus's job was in the ship's armory.)[23]

On March, 26, while filming the season's third episode, Cassar published a photograph of a shuttle aboard the Orville.[24] The shuttle sports new decals on its sides.

Filming Edit

Filming took place between February 26[25] and October 15, 2018,[26] although second unit filming continued after.[27]

After filming of the sixth episode concluded on May 11, the cast and crew took a several weeks-long break.[28] The purpose of the break was to give the effects team time to edit the shot footage while others could prepare for the next five episodes, followed by another break for the remaining episodes.[9] Season 1 had no breaks, and the effects team found themselves pressed against time to finish editing.[9] A second break took place at the end of July.

As they had done in Season 1, the cast and crew celebrated with a wrap party on October 13. This time, the party was held at The Highlight Room in Los Angeles, California, which featured a disc jockey, MacFarlane singing "Fly Me to the Moon,"[29] and a novelty portrait room that made a three-dimensional photograph of people with the Orville.[30] MacFarlane gifted members of the production crew with personalized Orville bottles of Tennessee bourbon or embroidered throw pillows.[31]

After the final day of shooting, the footage entered post-production and the main cast returned to their daily lives. "It feels so surreal. It's been a wonderful journey," Penny Johnson Jerald (Claire Finn) told her fans. "I can't wait for you guys to see what we have in store."[32]

Post-production Edit

Preview- The Crew Is Back - Season 2 - THE ORVILLE

Preview- The Crew Is Back - Season 2 - THE ORVILLE

The third trailer premiered online on October 29.

The second season represents a significant increase over the first in the amount of edited footage. The first season represented over 4,000 visual effects shots, and the second is expected to double that number.[33]

Transition to JAZ Pods Edit

Throughout 2018, Fox explored the idea to reduce the number of commercials during television programs by 40 percent. By early June, the proposal caught MacFarlane's attention, who wanted more air time per episode of The Orville. The two entered talks to test "JAZ Pod" commercials, an industry name for one-minute commercials that would split the episode into more breaks but greatly increase the amount of episode time.[34]

By early August, MacFarlane and Fox agreed to use the JAZ Pod format for Season 2. Editor Scott Powell reported that the switch adds five minutes more air time per episode.[35]

Preparing to air Edit

Orville Season 2

On January 4, TVGuide reported that the show will not air in 2018.[10] The bit of misreporting earned the attention of even the showrunner, MacFarlane, who published a correction via Twitter that show would air later in the year as originally planned.[36] A finalized premiere date was announced in mid-May that The Orville would return on December 30.[7]

Cast and crew continued to interview sporadically through the winter until filming began in late February. The first major publicity appearance was March 17, when the main cast, Coleman, Braga, Goodman, and Clark returned to PaleyFest for a panel discussion of the show.[37] The panel reflected over Season 1 and teased the crowd with snippets of Season 2 information.

That same day, Fox quietly hosted a sneak-peak look at Season 2 production for members of the Television Academy.[38] Little is known of that event but some details have since surfaced through promotional items.

2018 San Diego Comic-Con Edit

The cast and crew returned to the San Diego Comic-Con on July 21, exuding a new confidence in the show that was not there in 2017. The hosted a panel question-and-answer session, signings, live-streamed interviews, giveaways of merchandise and props from the show, and a Season 2 trailer reveal. Show props given away include a PM-44, a latchkum, a Union comscanner, and several skulls signed by the main cast.[39]

MacFarlane said that Ed and Kelly's relationship would play a part in the season but not be its focus.[6] Actors teased that the Orville would visit at least three new planets.[40]

Cancelled 2018 New York Comic-Con Edit

While the cast had long been scheduled to return to New York's Comic-Con in early October (they had attended in 2017), the host unexpectedly announced on September 28 that the show would not make an appearance and the panel was cancelled. New York Comic-Con cited only to a "scheduling conflict," much to the dismay of fans.[41] Costantino clarified that the cast and crew needed to shoot, and could not afford to push filming back any later.[42]

Episodes Edit

Season 2 set

Setting up the Bridge for filming during Season 2.

"Towards the end of [the season] the scripts get more ambitious. They'll be fun to watch; they'll be Hell to make. New species. Lots of eye candy. Lots of layered storytelling." Tom Costantino[[source]]
Filming of season two began February 26.[25]

Producer and science consultant André Bormanis confirmed that he and Braga co-wrote several scripts for the season, and hinted: "I can tell you that we’ll be delving more deeply into the lives of our crew, their interests, relationships, and histories. We’ll be exploring Ed and Kelly’s relationship in more depth. We’ll do some mind-bending science fiction stories, as well stories that touch on contemporary social issues."[43] To which Penny Johnson Jerald's comment may be added:

[I]n Season 2 you're going to see more expansion of the characters, because in Season 1 I think you got the groundwork. But in Season 2 we're elevating to different levels, we're understanding relationships, we're understanding inner workings of individuals, how they react to things and situations. And surprises, surprises, surprises.[44]
In several interviews with TVGuide on March 19, the actors of the show left several clues about the upcoming season. Halston Sage reviewed her character, Alara Kitan, and left a cryptic hint: "One of my favorite things in the first season is that you did get to see that arc of her coming in to her own and really finding her place on the Orville, and you definitely get to see more that in the second season. I don't want to tell you, but there might be something involving a horse."[44] Macon confirmed that the show will "prove or disprove" whether Bortus can sing (referring to the opening of Cupid's Dagger, where Bortus nearly sings "My Heart Will Go On" before being cut short by Admiral Halsey).[44]

That same day, in interviews with Rotten Tomatoes, Grimes said that he is excited to have an upcoming episode that takes place entirely on the Orville,[17] Palicki mentioned that the season will increasingly examine specie-ism, that a few months have passed since the last episode of Season 1 (Mad Idolatry),[17] and a special friendship will be forged between Claire Finn and Kelly.[17]

The most surprising information from Coleman is that the next time Bortus and Klyden's son, Topa, is seen, he will be eight years old and attending school on Earth. "I didn't know [before beginning Season 2 that] he is going to be eight, so I wanted to see what his world [is], who's he engaging? I think once he goes to school and has to appropriate American culture and stuff, then as a father I'm going to be able to engage that."[17] Macon has promised that Season 2 will further develop the story arches of the family.[45]

Primal Urges Edit

The Season 2 premiere, Primal Urges, is in reality episode 12 of the first season. It was written in 2016 and completed sometime in 2017. It is expected to deal heavily with Moclans, especially Bortus, Klyden, and their child Topa. Early in September, 2017, actor Peter Macon said of the episode:

[MacFarlane] built this world where the comedy is slap sticky and wrong. There are some things where I was saying I can’t believe that we are filming this. Specifically [Primal Urges].  That is all I am going to say.[46]
Grimes said the episode's plot will not focus on Malloy but on a separate character from the main cast,[47] now believed to be Topa.[17] The episode will concern the emotional rift between Bortus and Klyden, originally driven by the sex change of their son in About a Girl.[17] Additionally, the episode is "mildly sexual" and will revolve around the Environmental Simulator.

TBD Edit

Scripts for the second episode TBD were released on February 5, 2018.[48] The writer is confirmed to be Seth MacFarlane. A title for the pisode is not yet determined. Filming began February 26, 2018,[25] at 8 a.m.[49] The episode will air on December 30, 2018.[7]

Throughout February, several leaks from cast and crew revealed several lines of dialogue between Kanoot and Mercer. As the leaks came out at different times in the month, it also shows editing decisions of the staff. In the earliest copy, an alien species named "Florite" are revealed but was removed in the most recent edit. In the most recent edit, Alara Kitan joins Mercer at a bar.

From a production standpoint, the inadvertently leaked information sparked a change in policy while filming. In an interview with the Planetary Union Network, editor Tom Costantino said a "very gentle hammer" came down on crew who posted pictures to their social network.[20] Unlike Season 1, in which the show operated in relative obscurity, "now there's at least a couple people checking our [social network] feeds. ... Now we have to be careful."[20]

Home Edit

Home is the third episode of the season, written by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong (who also wrote Firestorm) and directed by Jon Cassar. Filming began on or close to March 6. Additionally, it seems that executive producer David A. Goodman will guest star[50] It is reported that Robert Picardo will also return as Alara's father, Ildis Kitan.

The episode will air on January 3, 2019.[7]

Episode 203 Edit

The cast gathered together on March 20 for a table reading of the fourth episode's script (given a production title of "Episode 203" as Primal Urges was filmed in the first season and therefore was "Episode 112"). The episode will include Ty Finn[51] and Dann,[52] although most notable is the first public appearance of Jessica Szohr as Talla.[51][53] Henry also mentioned that Dann would return in later episodes.[52] According to IMDB, Chris Johnson will join as Cassius, the first episode to feature this character.[53]

Episode 204 Edit

Robert Duncan McNeill, who directed the first season episode of Command Performance, returned to direct this episode[54] and filming began in early March.[n 1] In May, IMDB published several versions of a preliminary cast list that includes the main cast.

Episode 205 Edit

The cast gathered for a table read on March 20.[57] At an undetermined date, IMDB published a preliminary cast list that includes the main cast, followed by:

Episode 206 Edit

Strange Alien Cassar Jon Episode 206

On May 8, director Jon Cassar published this image to Instagram from shooting Episode 206.

Filming of episode 206 concluded on May 11.[28] Seth MacFarlane implied via Twitter that Jessica Szohr will play a prominent role in Episode 206.[59][n 3] Jon Cassar published an image of a particularly unusual-looking alien to appear in that episode flanked by two Moclans.[60] The appearance of a Moclan juror below suggests the crew returns to the planet's Tribunal.

Note that Humberto Montalvo is also slated to appear in Home as "Moclan." It is unknown if Montalvo's recurrence is due to the reappearance of a single character of if he simply plays two different roles, much like Sean Cook played two separate Krill in Season 1.

Episode 208 Edit

The main cast gathered for a table read of episode 208 on or around June 8.[62] It is written by MacFarlane and directed by Cassar.[62] Stephen Blackehart will appear as Krill Second Officer;[63] Wener and Tanner reprise their roles as Ty and Marcus Finn respectively.[n 4]

Unsorted episodes Edit

MacFarlane has confirmed that Isaac's background will appear in greater detail in Season 2: "We will learn more about Isaac's people. There's a whole story that's already been written that examines the origins of Isaac's people;" and later, "Next season, we are going to deal with Isaac a little bit, and we have a very clear idea of what we want him to be."[64]

In a December 20, 2017, interview with the Planetary Union Network podcast, Wardrobe Designer Joseph Porro hinted that one particular episode of Season 2 would feature a great many aliens, far more than seen in any episode of Season 1, and described it as "eye candy."[65]

On March 19, 2018, MacFarlane and Grimes confirmed that an upcoming episode will have no science fiction plot, but instead feature "character pieces."[17] That episode may be the season's second episode because Grimes's confirmation came while discussing TBD. Grimes elaborates: "We literally did an episode that was kind of all inclusive to the ship.... If you’re on a ship of 300 people, and it’s allowed to have relationships — obviously, Bortus and Klyden have a relationship right there — so of course stuff is going to happen, more so with some characters than the other characters."[17]

Nana Visitor, who auditioned for a role on the show, described an episode that may be Primal Urges or another episode in the season: "It was a leader of people who had to get everybody off her planet because it was going to explode, and she leaves her, she stays on it and sends her wife and child off."[66]

Rena Owen, who played Heveena (Gondus Elden) in About a Girl, said she may return to do another episode this season.[67]

Occasionally, actors and actresses are announced for the season but without ties to a particular episode. Michele Boyd confirmed that she would play an as-yet unrevealed character[68] and Heather Horton will play Science Prefect.[69]

Fayette alluded to a spaceship to appear in the season that is particularly stunning, calling it the "Season 2 ship."[9]

Strohmaier mentioned that an upcoming episode will involve an underground bunker, the filming set of which was constructed in the Orville's Shuttle Bay.[23]

On June 26, it was announced that Jonathan Frakes, who directed the first season episode Pria, would return to direct an episode for this season.[70]

On July 3, Cassar revealed that actor and director Carlos Bernard would make a guest appearance as either a Union captain or commander.[71]

On July 11, E85 Artist Management announced that their client, Regi Davis, would guest star.[72]

On July 26, actress Marina Sirtis published a photo to her Instagram of herself with Frakes and MacFarlane. The next day, TrekMovie independently confirmed that Sirtis would be guest starring. In the same article, TrekMovie confirmed that Tim Russ and John Billingsley will join as well.[73]

At the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, Goodman announced that the crew would return to the planet Moclus,[74] Grimes said that one episode will be revolve around Gordon Malloy and the Environmental Simulator.[75]

On August 4, Frakes announced that F. Murray Abraham will join as a Union admiral, Tony Todd as a Moclan, Ron Canada to return as Admiral Tucker, and Ted Danson.[76]

On August 13, MacFarlane revealed that Rebecca Rodriguez started directing an episode.[77]

In a September 9 interview, actor Emerson Brooks revealed he will play an alien military commander on the show.[78]

In one of the most substantive teasers in months, Goodman said in a December interview:

  • The relationship between Ed and Kelly will "pick up" where the episode Mad Idolatry left off, "and we take it, I think, in a really interesting direction. We get to see [Adrianne and Seth] really do some interesting, fun, compelling work as actors."[79]
  • Claire has "a great emotional arc this season."[80]
  • New surprise, high profile guest stars, including "a great voiceover star later in the season."[80]
  • Audiences will see new humanoid and non-humanoid species, learn more about Isaac, see "a lot more of [Moclan] culture;" and "the stories that we've come up with involving those species are compelling and exciting."[80]

As the season premiere air date neared, Mark Jackson told fans "[t]his is a big season for Isaac, and we do go to his home planet for the first time. What is incredible about Seth’s writing is that what you think Kaylon’s history will be is exactly what he doesn’t give you. Seth writes some big ideas, and it goes a huge way to coloring in Isaac’s character arc. I was very pleasantly shocked at what happens."[81]

List of episodesEdit

List of episodes
Count Season Episode ID Code Title Airdate Ratings Notes
013 02 01 S02E01; S01E12 (former) 1LAB12 Primal Urges Dec. 30, 2018[7] - Season 2 premiere. Sunday night. Twelfth series production episode. Originally Season 1, Episode 12.
Ed and the crew race to save a small group of survivors on a planet about to be destroyed by its sun, while Bortus and Klyden start marriage counseling after Bortus’s obsession with the ship’s Environmental Simulator gets out of hand.
014 02 02 S02E02 1LAB14 TBD Jan. 3, 2019[7] - Return to Thursday night schedule.
015 02 03 S02E03 1LAB15 Home Jan. 10, 2019 -
016 02 04 S02E04 1LAB16 TBA Jan. 17, 2019 -
017 02 05 S02E05 1LAB17 TBA Jan. 24, 2019 -
018 02 06 S02E06 1LAB18 TBA Jan. 31, 2019 -
019 02 07 S02E07 1LAB19 TBA Feb. 7, 2019 -
020 02 08 S02E08 1LAB20 TBA Feb. 14, 2019 -
021 02 09 S02E09 1LAB21 TBA Feb. 21, 2019 -
022 02 10 S02E10 1LAB22 TBA Feb. 28, 2019 -
023 02 11 S02E11 1LAB23 TBA March 7, 2019 -
024 02 12 S02E12 1LAB24 TBA March 14, 2019 -
025 02 13 S02E13 1LAB25 TBA March 21, 2019 -
026 02 14 S02E14 1LAB26 TBA March 28, 2019 -
027 02 15 S02E15 1LAB27 TBA April 4, 2019 -

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