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Season 2 is the upcoming season of The Orville on Fox. It is expected to continue the adventures of the USS Orville as it explores space, discovers new worlds, and battles the Krill. The Orville was renewed for a second season in November of 2017. It is scheduled to air in the Fall, 2018.

The upcoming season will have at least 14 episodes though the exact number ordered is unknown. The first season had 13 episodes but the twelfth episode was moved to the second season, meaning that the second season will have at least 13 new episodes in addition to one already-produced episode.

Renewal Edit

By the middle of season one, expectations were high, but not certain that the show would be renewed. The Orville had posted respectable ratings for the Thursday 9 p.m. broadcasting slot, Fox's highest since 2015. On the other hand, The Orville ran high production costs: each episode cost roughly $7 million to produce, more expensive than most of its competition. In addition the show often received harsh critical reviews from media websites such as Rotten Tomatoes, though its fan approval rate was above average.

On November 2, 2017, Fox announced that it had renewed the show for a second season, four days after Majority Rule aired, the second most-watched episode of the show overall.[1] Renewal came early in the year for The Orville, beating all Fox shows but The Simpsons. Some journalists were surprised that Fox chose to renew the series instead of ordering more episodes for the first season, but creator Seth MacFarlane had long said that he did not want a second half of the first season in order to keep the show's production values high.

Twelve days later, on November 14, Fox moved the originally-filmed season one finale to season two. Thus, the thirteenth episode of season will be the season two premier.[2] The company did not give a reason for its decision.

Production Edit

Seth Macfarlane Slider

A comment by actor Scott Grimes hinted that filming would begin in February, 2018. Creator Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that the show will air in 2018.

During writing production for Season 1 in 2016 through 2017, MacFarlane and the writing team wrote 16 scripts, 13 of those were used for the first season and three set aside for later episodes if the show was renewed. The show was indeed renewed, although one first season episode (Primal Urges) was moved to Season 2.

The exact number of purchased episodes is unknown. When asked about the number of episodes, MacFarlane said, "I'd rather do fewer episodes and have them be better content-wise than do 22 and have them be filler."[3]

In a post on Twitter, actor Scott Grimes (Gordon Malloy) hinted that production will begin in February, 2018.[4] In a January article, TVGuide reported that the show will not air in 2018.[3] However, MacFarlane corrected the article, writing via Twitter that show will air later in the year as planned.[5]

On January 9, 2018, Jon Cassar, who directed the episode Krill, announced on Instagram that he has a "new job" as Director and Producer for the upcoming season.[6] The cast and crew had their first joint meeting for the upcoming season on January 28. The following day, Mike Henry (Dann) posted to his Instagram and Twitter several photos of his body being molded for a costume, leading to speculation that Lieutenant Dann would return in Season 2.[7]

On February 12, a new series regular was announced for the show. Though the character's identity was not disclosed, it would be played by Jessica Szohr (best known for her role on Gossip Girl).[8]

Season Premiere Edit

Scripts for the Season 2 premiere were released on February 5, 2018.[9] The writer is confirmed to be Seth MacFarlane. A title for the episode is not yet determined.

Primal Urges Edit

Main article: Primal Urges.
One episode of Season 2, Primal Urges, is in reality episode 12 of the first season. It was written in 2016 and completed sometime in 2017. Early in September, 2017, actor Peter Macon (Bortus) said of the episode:
[MacFarlane] built this world where the comedy is slap sticky and wrong. There are some things where I was saying I can’t believe that we are filming this. Specifically [Primal Urges].  That is all I am going to say.[10]
In an interview MYM Buzz, Grimes said the episode's plot will not focus on Malloy but on a separate character from the main cast.[11] Additionally, the episode is "mildly sexual" and will revolve around the Environmental Simulator.

Isaac's Homeworld Edit

Alongside Lieutenant Gordon Malloy, Isaac was the only member of the main cast who did not have a dedicated episode. MacFarlane has confirmed that Isaac's background will appear in greater detail in Season 2: "We will learn more about Isaac's people. There's a whole story that's already been written that examines the origins of Isaac's people;" and later, "Next season, we are going to deal with Isaac a little bit, and we have a very clear idea of what we want him to be."[12]

The "eye candy" episode Edit

In a December 20, 2017, interview with the Planetary Union Network podcast, Wardrobe Designer Joseph Porro hinted that one particular episode of Season 2 would feature a great many aliens, far more than seen in any episode of Season 1, and described it as "eye candy."[13]

List of episodesEdit

List of episodes
Count Season Episode ID Code Title Airdate Ratings Notes
013 02 01 S02E01 1LAB14 N/A N/A -
N/A 02 N/A TBD; S01E12 (former) 1LAB13 Primal Urges N/A - Originally part of season 1.


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