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Primal Urges is an unaired episode from the first season of The Orville. For most of 2017, the episode was slated to be the twelfth episode of Season 1 and to air on December 7, after New Dimensions and before Mad Idolatry.

In November, 2017, Fox moved it to the first episode of the second season of The Orville. However, it is now believed that Primal Urges is no longer set to be the premiere, and may instead air as a different episode else in the Season 2 schedule.

A preliminary cast list credits Seth MacFarlane as the writer and Kevin Hooks as director, which has been independently confirmed by Hooks.[1] The composer of the episode's score is not known.

Plot Edit

Based on the cast list, the episode seems to involve significantly the Moclans, both real and holographic through the Environmental Simulator. Comments by the show's cast point to a story that is markedly cruder than in other episodes.

The first description of the episode was a simple comment made by creator Seth MacFarlane that the episode will feature jokes involving the Environmental Simulator and masturbation. MacFarlane pointed to producer Brannon Braga, remarking "we used to joke about, that if there are actual holodecks [Star Trek's version of the Simulator] you wouldn't be playing Robin Hood, you'd basically be going in there to masturbate. I would say the subject is not entirely ignored."[2][3]

Another hint about Primal Urges would not until several months later, when Peter Macon, who plays Second Officer Bortus, referenced the episode in an interview with Life of Dad. Macon's comments came at a time when Primal Urges was still slated as the twelfth episode of Season 1:

[Creator Seth MacFarlane] built this world where the comedy is slap sticky and wrong. There are some things where I was saying I can’t believe that we are filming this. Specifically Episode 12.  That is all I am going to say.[4]
Actor Scott Grimes, who portrays Lieutenant Gordon Malloy, said the episode's plot will focus on a character separate from the main cast. Grimes observed that the the episode is "mildly sexual" and will revolve around the Environmental Simulator.[5]

Based on the cast list and Malloy's hints, it is unclear who the central character will be, as there are three recurring characters and a variety of unnamed guest cast. The episode may feature a surprise performance, much like Liam Neeson did as Jahavus Dorahl in If the Stars Should Appear.

Additionally, the episode will see appearances by Lieutenant Yaphit and Klyden, and a new alien species is introduced: the Nyxians.

Continuity Edit

Moclan Prison Guard

Actor Jude Lanston published this image to his Twitter as a Moclan Prison Guard from the unaired episode.

Prior to being moved to the second season, Primal Urges was scheduled to air after New Dimensions. Confusingly, the episode's cast list suggests that Primal Urges was originally planned to occur shortly after March, 2420, but before the events of New Dimensions:

  • Present in the cast list is Lieutenant Commander Steve Newton, who left the USS Orville after March at the start of New Dimensions.
  • John LaMarr is credited as Lieutenant and not by his promoted title of Lieutenant Commander, which he received several weeks after Newton's departure.

It is unclear how Primal Urges will fit in the timeline of the show. In Season 1, the editors of The Orville tweaked the show's timeline even very late into production. For example, the fourth episode If the Stars Should Appear was originally slated as the second until switched with Command Performance in the Fall, 2017, and a cold opening of Second Officer Bortus and Klyden arguing after the sex reassignment of their child was added. For that reason, continuity issues in Primal Urges are not "errors" per se but vestiges of early editing decisions that will be corrected by the time the episode premieres.

Production Edit

On June 10, 2017, Fox released the title of the episode as Primal Urges; that it is directed by Kevin Hooks; and written by Seth MacFarlane.[6] A synopsis has not been released officially by Fox to the public. A short cast list was published briefly on IMDB,[7] which has since been removed but is independently confirmed by its actors.[8][9]

Scheduling Edit

Fox renewed The Orville for a second season on November 2, 2017. On November 14, Fox announced that the first season would lose an episode, Primal Urges, and move it to Season 2 as its premiere. This schedule was cast into doubt on February 5, 2018, when Ivy Thaide, a wardrobe designer, published a photo of the Season 2 premiere script (i.e. "Episode 201") on her Instagram, noting that the script was just released.[10] As production of Primal Urges was finished back in mid-2017, it seems that Thaide's Episode 201 is not Primal Urges and that Primal Urges has been moved deeper into the second season.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit


  • The name Primal Urges is simply the production title, due to not yet being aired the episode's official name is unrevealed.

References Edit

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