Shuttlecraft (informal: shuttles) refers to small space flight-capable vessels. Shuttlecraft are used for ferrying people or objects from larger host spacecraft, and are capable of landing on, or leaving the surfaces of high-gravity objects like planets.

Planetary UnionEdit


Union shuttlecraft ECV-197-1

In the Planetary Union, shuttles are stowed aboard larger spaceships inside the Docking Bay. Typically, shuttles are piloted by a helmsman or a navigator, but rarely another officer may pilot one.[NB 1] They are designated by the host ship's identification serial followed by an individualizing number.

USS Orville (ECV-197) Edit

Currently, two shuttles are known to exist on the USS Orville. They seat six and are equipped with cloaking technology and a food synthesizer.[1][2][3]

USS Olympia (SCV-183) Edit

Only one of its shuttlecrafts is directly observed from the outside. However, the designation of that shuttle as "2" implies there is at least one more.

Other Species Edit

Krill shuttle

Seen here, a shuttle recovered from the wreckage of the Kakov and used by spies of the Planetary Union to infiltrate the Krill.

Krill shuttleEdit

A Krill shuttle was seen in several episodes of Season 1.

A Krill shuttle is recovered from the wreckage of a Krill destroyer by the Orville after an intense battle.[13] It seats at least two Humans.

Appearances Edit

Planetary Union shuttlecraft
Krill shuttle

Notes Edit

  1. Helmsman Gordon Malloy and Navigator John LaMarr have piloted most shuttlecraft flights flown thus far. Exceptions include: Majority Rule, wherein Lieutenant Alara Kitan flies the shuttle from a planet to the Orville. Into the Fold where Isaac files the shuttle and crashes on the biohazardous wasteland of a moon.

References Edit

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