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    So, I noticed the Andy and Josh pages got marked for deletion. While I do understand your reasoning behind this decision I'm skeptical to follow through with getting rid of them. As they were mentioned characters who ultimately may make an appearance within the series at some point or be addressed again. For that reason I would personally consider them more worth keeping than say the former Bill Nye page.

    Are you really passionate about those pages being deleted, or do you think they can stay for a little longer?

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    • who ultimately may make an appearance within the series at some point or be addressed again

      They may or may not. But until they do, we only have their first names.

      Remember, a screenful or it's not worthy. I should probably explain a little more about why: there's a search engine penalty for short pages like these, and ultimately a single line about Andy can be found in Majority Rule to give him context. If a user goes searching for Andy (in which case they'll find the context in Majority Rule), they're still set. But hypothetical potential future appearances aren't really helpful. Even encyclopedias eventually have to say "this is cruft".

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    • Hmm, that's an interesting point. With it in mind perhaps I should delete those pages until more information becomes available.

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