The USS Olympia or LCV-529 is a Leviathan-class heavy cruiser for the Planetary Union commanded by Admiral Ozawa.


Not much is known on the history of the Olympia, however, it can be assumed that it serves as one of the flagships, commanded by Admiral Ozawa.


The USS Olympia utilizes the same design aspect as many of the Union fleet ships. The front "arrowhead" serves as the main hull, and the three looping engines wrap around the rear of the ship, leaving enough room for the launch of shuttles out of the rear bay.

Being a heavy cruiser, the Olympia has much more advanced weaponry than that of science vessels, such as the USS Orville. Presumably Olympia was built with combat in mind.


Not much is known about the crew compliment aboard the USS Olympia, apart from its commanding officer. The ship, however, looks to be able to serve at least three times that of the Orville, looking to be about 900 crewmen.

List of Known Personnel



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