This article is about the USS Olympia LCV-529. For information about the smaller Science-class vessel, see: USS Olympia (SCV-183).

The USS Olympia, or LCV-529, is a Leviathan-class heavy cruiser commanded by Admiral Ozawa. It is in active service in the Planetary Union in the early 25th century.


The Olympia utilizes the same design as other Union vessels. The front "arrowhead" serves as the main hull, and the three looping engines wrap around the rear of the ship, leaving enough room for the launch of shuttles out of the rear bay.

As a heavy cruiser and the seat to a Union admiral, the Olympia is well equipped for war and boasts much more advanced weaponry than that of science vessels, such as the USS Orville.


Nothing is known of Leviathan-class heavy cruisers. However, because a significantly smaller mid-level exploratory vessel houses a compliment of 300 crewmembers, it is assumed that the Olympia hosts a far larger number.

Notable Crewmembers Edit


Not much is known on the history of the Olympia, however, it can be assumed that it serves as one of the flagships, commanded by Ozawa.

Krill Edit

After the Orville recovers an intact Krill shuttle, the Olympia stops beside the Orville so that Ozawa may come aboard.

Mad Idolatry Edit

The ship's Admiral's office is seen during two video meetings with Captain Ed Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson of the Orville.