"If you can beat me in a dance off, I will surrender." ― Vásquez[source]
Vásquez is a holographic bandido and main antagonist of an Environmental Simulator program. In the program, Vásquez leads a group of 19th century bandits in a standoff against United States marshals. He was designed by Lieutenant Gordon Malloy.


Dressed in marshal attire, Captain Ed Mercer, Lieutenant John LaMarr, and Malloy confront Vásquez and his compatriots, holed up in a Spanish Colonial Revival building.

From the rooftop, Vásquez refuses to surrender to the marshals for an unspecified crime. He then shocks Mercer and LaMarr by demanding a dance competition rather than a shoot-out. An amused Malloy tells the others that he quietly tweaked Vásquez's programming.

In his final moments, Vásquez is seen dancing to 20th century dance music, saying, "You don't like it? I infuse many different styles of choreography to make the steps my own. You will be defeated, señor."