"The child will be taken to Moclus, where she will undergo the corrective procedure."
"Don't start passing out penises just yet, Captain Vorak.
" ― Captains Vorak and Ed Mercer[source]
Vorak is a Moclan Captain whose ship rendezvoused with the USS Orville in October 2419.


A rendezvous is requested of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on planet Moclus by Second Officer Bortus to take his child, Topa, so that Moclan doctors can perform a sex-altering operation. Minister Kaybrak sends Captain Vorak to rendezvous with the ship near the Pleiades cluster.
Orville and Moclan vessel

Captain Vorak's vessel stationed beside the Orville.

Captain Ed Mercer of the Orville blocks him. Incensed, Vorak subtly hints he would take the child by force, but Bortus de-escalates the situation by calling for Tribunal on Moclus.