"Xelaya's gravitational pull is high compared to the planetary average, in Earth's normal gravity, my physical strength is elevated." Alara Kitan explaining the science of her species notorious enhanced strength[source]
Xelayans are a space flight-capable, humanoid species from the planet Xelaya. They are members the Planetary Union but individuals rarely join its military, instead preferring the sciences and arts.

As Xelaya's gravitational pull is higher than most planets, the Xelayans possess elevated strength and resilience in environments with an Earth-like gravity.[1]


Xelayans appear similar to Humans, the most noticeable differences being indented ears and ridges on their foreheads and on the bridge of their noses. They enjoy exceptional strength outside of Xelaya due to the higher gravity on their home world. In these alien environments, their strength surpasses that of a Moclan[2] and relatively equal to that of a Kaylon.[3] Xelayan skin is very durable and resilient enough to stop even bullets from piercing vital organs.[4]

History Edit

The Xelayan people made contact with and joined the Planetary Union. In spite of the great strength granted to them on alien planets however, most Xelayans are drawn to intellectual pursuits and regard themselves as philosophers and scientists. As a result, few of them actually joined to serve on Union vessels, derisively regarding Humans as "the hillbillies of the galaxy."[4] To join the Union and actually use one's super strength is perceived as a sign of low intelligence. As a result, Xelayans rarely join the Union's military, and when one of them does, the military usually fast-tracks them.[1]

Notable XelayansEdit


  • In the original script, the name Xeleyan was spelled Seleyan.[5]
    • The original name is likely a reference to Star Trek's Mount Seleya, a mountain sacred to the Vulcans, an extremely strong humanoid species with pointed ears much like the Xelayans.
  • Xelayans enjoy sweetened gupsela when sad, similar to how Humans of Earth eat ice cream as comfort food.
  • Creator Seth MacFarlane first describes the Xelayans as "a race of academics."[6]
  • A native, intoxicating drink is Xelayan tequila, which Alara has ordered twice.[7]
    • During a March 20, 2018 Season 2 sneak-peak of The Orville to members of the Academy, drinks of "Xelayan tequila" were served. The ingredients were tequila, squeezed lime juice, and Triple Sec with a salted rim and lime garnish.[8]

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