"Don't you guys have, like, super strength?"
"Xelaya's gravitational pull is high compared to the planetary average, so, yes, in Earth's normal gravity, my physical strength is elevated.
" Gordon Malloy and Alara Kitan[source]
The Xelayans are a species of humanoids, affiliated with the Planetary Union, originating from the planet of Xelaya, which the gravitational pull is many times that of Earth's, resulting in perceived super strength and resilience in environments with an Earth-like gravity.


Xelayans appear biologically similar to Humans, the most noticeable difference being the indentations located on their foreheads, noses, and ears. They possess elevated strength on most planets or vessels due to the higher gravity on their home world of Xelaya. In these alien environments, their strength surpasses that of a Moclan and is relatively equal to that of a Kaylon. In addition to this, Xelayan skin is very durable and is resilient enough to stop even bullets from piercing vital organs, though medical attention will be required.

History Edit

The Xelayan people made contact with and joined the Planetary Union. In spite of the great strength granted to them on alien planets however, most Xelayans were drawn to intellectual pursuits and regarded themselves as thinkers and philosophers. As a result, few of them actually joined to serve on Union vessels, derisively regarding Humans as "the hillbillies of the galaxy". To join the Union and actually use one's super strength is considered dishonourable by the standards of Xelayan culture and is perceived as a sign of low intelligence.

The handful of Xelayans that do serve in the Union fleet were fast-tracked through the chain of command.

Notable XelayansEdit


  • In the original script, the name Xeleyan was spelled Seleyan.
  • Xelayans don't usually join the military, but when one of them does, the military usually fast-tracks them.
  • It remains to be seen if Xelayans truly gain strength from the lesser gravity of Earth-like systems, or if they simply evolved from Xelaya's atmosphere and environment to develop biological super strength.