The Yakar is a Krill destroyer formerly led by Captain Haros. Sometime in late 2419 or early 2420, the Yakar was captured by the Planetary Union. It is currently under Union possession.



The Yakar is infiltrated by Union officers Captain Ed Mercer and Lieutenant Gordon Malloy, attempting to obtain a copy of the Anhkana. While on board, they learn that the Yakar's mission is to destroy the farming colony on Rana III with a prototype neutron field generator.

Mercer and Malloy rig the ship's lights to release a burst of UV light, burning the entire crew to death save for the children and Teleya, their schoolteacher, all of whom were protected by Mercer. The neutron field generator successfully launches its missile, but Malloy is able to destroy it midflight.

The USS Orville takes custody of the Yakar and the survivors are returned to the Krill homeworld.

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For general schematics or information, see the article: Krill destroyer.

Prior to capture by the Union, the Yakar was commanded by Captain Haros. High Priest Sazeron oversaw religious affairs and served as adviser to Haros. The ship hosted a compliment of a large but unknown number of crewmembers. Despite being a military vessel, the Yakar allowed the families of crewmembers to live on board.


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