"He is a being alone in space, trying his best to find love in a vessel where he is the only one of his species." Norm MacDonald, voice of Yaphit[source]
Yaphit is a gelatinous Lieutenant and Engineer aboard the USS Orville. He works in Engineering, located in the center of the ship. According to Admiral Halsey, Yaphit was already an Engineer on the Orville prior to the arrival of Ed Mercer as Captain.

Yaphit is most known for his overbearing crush on Claire Finn.


Old WoundsEdit

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Shortly following the launch of the Orville, Captain Mercer accidentally tramples through Yaphit in a rush to the Shuttle Bay. Yaphit assures the worried Captain that he is unharmed.

About a GirlEdit

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If the Stars Should AppearEdit

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Into the FoldEdit

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Yaphit works with Steve Newton, to whom he hands a hypergauge, and John LaMarr in an overhaul of the Orville's navigational systems. While installing the new spatial manifold, the team learns that Doctor Finn's shuttle did not arrive as scheduled at Arboreus Prime, distressing Yaphit to know the object of his affections has gone missing. Yaphit urges LaMarr not to get them lost as he leaves to pursue the shuttle using star charts in lieu of the navigational array.

Cupid's DaggerEdit

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Yaphit tries once again to woo Doctor Finn, and she rejects him and insists this time she will file a complaint if the unwanted advances continued from him. While walking through the hallway Yaphit runs into Darulio and has his Retepsian pheromones rub off on his gelatinous anatomy. Soon after Doctor Finn begins to be seduced by them and lusts after Yaphit. The two proceed to engage in sexual intercourse before being stopped by Alara Kitan, who demands Yaphit stay in his quarter until she confronts Darulio about the Pheromones.

Yaphit Photo

Yaphit with his brother

New DimensionsEdit

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Yaphit is shown to be the Engineering Number 2, under Steve Newton. He explains that gelatinous life forms have faced discrimination.


Production Edit

Based on comparisons with the original script and pre-production sketch, Yaphit is one of the least changed characters. He was based on an original sketch by creator Seth MacFarlane, which were fleshed out by Howard Berger. According to Executive Producer Jason Clark, "[MacFarlane] wanted to know if we could feature a CGI character that is essentially a gelatinous blob with a sloppy mouth hole."[2] Armed with MacFarlane and Berger's designs, Clark approached Tippett Studios to turn the drawing into a fully-fledged, renderable model. Once Tippett's model of Yaphit was ready to be used, visual effects supervisor Luke McDonald made a 3-D printing of Yaphit for final approval.

Trivia Edit

  • Yaphit's original quarters were supposed to be in the scaffolding of Engineering.[3]



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