"You're the handsomest pile of cat puke I've ever seen." Pria Lavesque to Yaphit[source]
Yaphit is a gelatinous creature aboard the Orville. He works in the ship's engineering division. He has an overbearing crush on Claire Finn, frequently feigning sickness just so he talk to her in the Sick Bay. Yaphit mentions that he's a Jelly.


Old WoundsEdit

"Sorry, man, you okay?"
"Yeah, it's all good, man.
" ― Ed Mercer and Yaphit[source]
Shortly following the launch of the Orville, Yaphit is slithering down a corridor when Captain Ed Mercer accidently tramples through him in a rush, for which he apologises. Immediately reforming to his original shape, Yaphit assures the captain that he is unharmed.

About a GirlEdit

If the Stars Should AppearEdit


"You know, this may sound blunt, but you are the only white woman I've ever found attractive." ― Yaphit to Pria[source]

Into the FoldEdit

"I gotta say, watching your corpse drift away to this music would be so peaceful." ― Yaphit to LaMarr[source]
Yaphit works with Steve Newton, to whom he hands a hypergauge, and John LaMarr in an overhaul of the Orville's navigational systems. While installing the new spatial manifold, the team learns that Dr. Finn's shuttle did not arrive as scheduled at Arboreus Prime, distressing Yaphit to know the object of his affections has gone missing. Yaphit urges LaMarr not to get them lost as he leaves to pursue the shuttle using star charts in lieu of the navigational array.

Cupid's DaggerEdit

Yaphit Photo

Yaphit with his brother/mother





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